The school has three semesters exam in an academic year 1st & 2nd semesters are individual exams. The results of the annual exam is prepared taking 10 marks from 1st semester, 10 marks from 2nd semester & 80 marks from 3rd semester. A rough picture of pass-rate in exams (internal & public) is given below:

i.    Internal exams (average)   : above    90%
ii.   PSC examination             :              100%  
iii.  JSC                                  :              100%     
iv.  IGCSE                              :             
This is grade-based exam
v.   IAL                                    :              This is grade-based exam

Grading System : The school conducts three semesters in an academic year following its Year Planner along with weekly/ fortnightly/ monthly tests. Our Grading System runs as follows:

Grade       Marks range
   A*            90-100
   A             80-89
   B             70-79
   C             60-69
   D             50-59
   E             45-49
   F             35-44

Note: Our Pass Marks is 45. Anyone getting below 45 is treated as unsuccessful in the examination. Grades N (25-34) & U (0-24) practically carry no value to us.