At present we have 27 teachers working here of whom 26 are mainstreamers while only 2 are part-timers. They may be grouped as follows according to qualifications:

        MA                     -    06
        M.Sc                  -    02
        M.Com              -     02
        B.Ed                  -     04
        B.A (Hons)        -     04
        B.A                    -     03
        B.Sc                  -     02
        Under graduate -     02
        Part-timer          -     02        .
        Total                  -     27 teachers

The teachers are classified as support teachers, junior teachers, assistant teachers and senior teachers. The teachers teaching IGCSE & IAL are highly experienced ones.

General Training : All the IGCSE & IAL teachers here got training on their respective subjects more than once. The rest of the teachers have also got trainings more than one on language & teaching skills along with latest teaching approaches. All teachers have to attend in-Service Orientations as and when arranged.


Principal          : M A Shahid, B.A. (Hons), M.A. in English.